YG feels that many producers are taking DJ Mustard‘s style and he isn’t having it. Mustard has definitely set himself up as the hitmaker of the year, but apparently people are biting his style.

His records have penetrated the charts but as quick as they go up, people trying to replicate the sound emerge as well. On Iggy Azaleas track Fancy – a song bigger than anything he has done this year – is one of the most copy cat tracks to date. Even Anthony Lewis’ weak “Candy Rain” remix produced by The Chemists is similar, if you ask me.

YG now has broken his silence and said that producers are jocking his style. Mustard definitely branded his own style and was the first to provide that new age L.A. sound which many have followed. Although his sound is influenced by the Bay Area and Atlanta’s snap movement, he is definitely an original.

Watch YG’s freestyle where he disses the copy cats (at the 0:58) mark.