Wiz Khalifa is ready to have the summer on lock once again! The Taylor Gang head honcho spoke to media this week, revealing his collaboration with OVO‘s PARTYNEXTDOOR, as well as what fans can expect on his upcoming mixtape project with Curren$y.

“It’s something that we’re working on,” said Wiz of 2009, his upcoming project with Spitta. “We’re still putting the ideas together. We’re such friends, and such stoners, we kinda want to just give it out, but we are in the music business…”

Plenty of fans are happy to see Wiz and Spitta making music together again, bringing back that old, laid-back stoner flow we came to know and love them for. “We’re just working on it constantly,” he said. “He’s always sending me beats that he rapped to, or I’m sending him stuff I rapped to. In the end, we’re just gonna come out with something super dope.”


While on stage at this year’s SXSW, the Pittsburgh native premiered “Rain,” a melodic, bass-heavy tune that features PARTYNEXTDOOR, which you can see above. The track falls right in line with the same sound we know and love from Party, paired with Wiz’s normally playful flow. Although it’s unclear which of the two will release the song, Wiz says we’ll be hearing the full version of the track pretty soon, which may be undergoing a name change.

“That song’s called ‘Hurricane’ right now, but I’ll probably change the name of it. You’re going to hear the full version of that,” he said. “That’s mine [laugh]. I did two verses on there, he has a hook… nah, psych, we did it together, so it doesn’t really matter [who puts it out].