Former Bad Boy label-mates Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans have been not-so-lowkey beefing for almost two decades over allegations that Kim was sleeping with The Notorious B.I.G., Faith‘s late husband. In an interview with Vlad TV last year, Faith said that she was oblivious to any infidelity going on behind her back. “I didn’t know anything about them for… this is probably at least a year-and-a-half after we were together so I didn’t know anything about them. I didn’t even think anything of them to be quite honest.”

The feud that lasted over 20 years between the two musicians may have just come to a halt, and it’s all thanks to Instagram. Both Kim and Faith attended Hot 97’s Tip-Off event for All-Star Weekend last week, and while Kim was performing, Faith Evans took a snap of the Brooklyn rapper on stage and posted it to her Instagram account with the caption reading:

“@lilkimthequeenbee making it do what it do! #hits #whatsbeef #thatishisplayedout #wegrown #teamfizzy #teamprolific #incomparablealbum”

It’s never too late to bury the hatchet, and we’re glad to see Faith Evans taking the high road. Since the event, Lil’ Kim, who is usually vocal about her relationships with other celebs (good or bad), has not posted anything on any of her various social media accounts regarding Faith‘s shout out to her.

Check out Faith‘s beef-squashing Instagram photo below!