WHAA-LAA! No way will I be kicking rocks in these!

Seven years later and, Nike is still taking ‘What The’ to the hottest most impressing extremes. This time with Miami Heat and Oklahoma Thunder swag! Lebron James and Kevin Durant have the most recent releases with designs titled Nike Lebron 11 and Nike KD VI. Kobe Bryant also has a pair with the company.

“KD from downtown!” will never get old. And, neither will his newest shoe because, the Nike KD VI’s are so freakin’ clean! While Kevin surely brought back 35 of both his graphics and colors from prior releases, there was new passion during the recent designing process, with Aunt Pearls robe pattern and Maryland blue crab inspirations.

Lebron dribbled 20 new hues and graphics along with 8 brand new product designs in comparison to his past signatures. These sneaks are reportedly a Cornucopia inspiration. Nonetheless, Bron definitely put HIS foot in these.

The most amazing thing is that both pair tell so many stories.

And, you know I’m tryna rock matching Tees with my Nike What The’s. “What The KD’s” are available June 7th“What The Lebron’s” are  available RIGHT NOW.