While in France for Paris Fashion Week, Travis Scott spoke with Clique for a very insightful interview into the mind of the Houston Rodeo artist.


On politics: “I don’t really get too involved in the whole political shit, that shit is like all too weird to me,” he said in regard to the Ferguson riots. He explained that he has trouble dealing with the riots because he feels they ruin black neighborhoods.

On hip-hop: Scott said he admires Kurt Cobain and doesn’t want to confine himself to the label of “hip hop artist” because, as he says, “some of them niggas is just straight corny.”

On what’s in his head when performing on stage: “Chaos, man.”

Check the whole thing below.

“I Don’t Get Involved With That Political Sh*T… N**Gas Are Still In Ferguson? I don’t think so. That’s A Ghetto Now”