When Beyoncé dropped “Formation,” the internet lost its collective mind — some folks more than others, but who’s really counting?

For this past week’s digital short on Saturday Night Live, the writers tackled Beyoncé‘s historic and much-talked about new single, and Superbowl 50 halftime performance, in which she shed lives on the Black Lives Matter movement, and expressed pride in her Creole/Black heritage.

In the hilarious social parody, Aidy Bryant‘s character watched the “Formation” music video in horror as she asserted that Beyoncé “turned black,” as if she and the rest of white America hadn’t realized the singer’s race until this song. It was definitely spot-on, because much of the criticism surrounding “Formation” is from people who are upset about the resurgence of the strong advocacy for African Americans and African American culture. In SNL‘s take on the ridiculous outrage, white people begin hiding in their homes and panicking as they suddenly realize that Beyoncé is black, and even start questioning the race of other stars.

Watch “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” below.