With all his controversy surrounding his relationship with his wife Tiny, handling his Family Hustle, and most recently a war with rapper Azealia Banks, people often forget that T.I. was once known as the “Jay Z of the South” and has too many classics in his bag to name.

Last night, the Atlanta superstar went back into that bag o’ hits and performed his 2006 smash single “What You Know” for his episode of Guitar Center Sessions. The music store staples features a weekly artist performance for DIRECTV customers only. You can check your local listings here.

“What You Know” was a career-making song for Tip, even though his music was storming through clubs in the south and nationwide long before then. Even hip-hop dance royalty Rosie Perez admits she was bumping his pre-fame mixtapes!

The single rose to popularity at its peak at #5 on the Billboard charts, which opened up new doors for T.I. to become a radio staple with following hits like “Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Life”. I don’t know who else can rock a stage with amped guitars AND a DJ, but the collab is amazing, and I found myself headbanging pretty hard!

Check out T.I.‘s Guitar Center Session below.