Director Stephen Keane of Lower Merion has embarked on his debut short film titled WACK with Lansdowne‘s The Icery (Located at 23 N. Lansdowne Ave.) as the project’s backdrop.

WACK follows an amateur rapper suffering from an existential crisis brought on by writer’s block. When Malik‘s nemesis, Sam, decides to sling his rap CD’s on the street corner, Malik has to decide whether or not to confront the essence of his self-doubt or continue down his path of self-destruction.

The film’s theme of self- doubt and perspective shines a spotlight on the often ongoing toxic relations between artists of music disciples. As a University Of The Arts film graduate, Stephen is no stranger to working with creatives of other disciplines.This genuine ability to collaborate plus a passion for cinema combined to create the world of WACK:

“I realized through the process that the struggles rappers face are no different than the ones I face as a filmmaker. The story’s themes of writer’s block and self- doubt along with the trope of the starving artist acknowledges the sometimes toxic relationships between artists of different disciplines”

– S. Keane

Keane will continue his collaboration roll with producers Scarlet Hernandez and Olivia Cohen to complete the film’s online presence and ultimately, distribution. Together, the creative community can make WACK, dope. The film’s indiegogo campaign is live until November 10th at here. The goal of $10,000 will directly fund the initial upfront costs of production, labor, and more.

Wack Teaser from Stephen Keane on Vimeo.