Footage of Pharrell Williams testifying about the creation of the song “Blurred Lines” that was a key element of a copyright infringement trial earlier this year has been released.

During a legal deposition, you are in a room with the opposing team’s lawyers, so they can ask you a bunch of confusing, and in Pharrell‘s case, annoying questions about the matter at hand. Accoring to Hollywood Reporter, US district judge John A. Kronstadt ordered the footage released earlier this month, writing that it had been kept under seal to prevent it from influencing potential jurors in the case.

In the 2014 lawsuit brought about by Marvin Gaye‘s children, the heirs claimed that “Blurred Lines” (the biggest song of 2013) copied their father’s hit “Got to Give It Up,” although lawyers for Thicke and Williams said the newer song merely mimicked the feel of Gaye’s music, but didn’t copy it.

“The deposition testimony of the witnesses from the trial is old news,” Howard King, an attorney for Williams and Thicke, wrote in an email. “The songs are still different and we look forward to complete vindication on appeal.”

Pharrell is anything but “happy” in these videos, rolling eyes, chuckling, and giving smart-aleck remarks to the opposing lawyers, basically saying that he’s not here for the $7 million pay day the Gaye family is getting from him.

Check out the footage below.