Mike Zombie has released his official music video for “The Jig.” Still reaping the benegits of his Rebel Without A Cause album that released last year, Zombie drops this new vid from the upcoming Humble Genius project, and it’s one of his best visuals to date. We’re always impressed by Mike Zombie‘s ability to tell stories through his music videos, and this time he definitely delivered.

DOWNLOAD: Mike Zombie – End Of The Beginning [Mixtape]

In the video, Mike Zombie follows a beautiful devil in a red dress to a clearing in the woods. It’s not exactly clear what happens next, but soon people all over the world become possessed by a Purge-like entity, causing them to rip through the streets in incredibly violent behavior only to become shocked and confused by their actions once the spirit releases them.

Find out why “The Jig” is up below. Purchase the single on iTunes here.