Now that Kobe Bryant has some time off due to injuries, the 18-year Lakers veteran has released a biographical documentary with Showtime. The film discusses Kobe‘s early life in Italy, his various downfalls and pinnacles of his career including his injuries and relationship drama, and of course, his illustrious career in the NBA as a 5-time Championship winner.

Director Gotham Chopra says the film underwent several changes, taking the film from a standard documentary filled with interviews from Kobe‘s friends and associates, to an introspective film with the subject also becoming the narrator. “This went from being a film on Kobe, to a film with Kobe,” Chopra says.

The film is an intimate look into the life of one of the most famous players in the NBA, even containing personal footage of the removal of Kobe‘s stitches following his Achilles surgery. “I saw it, and I said we can do something different,” Bryant said at the exclusive screening. “Let’s create something impactful, let’s create something that’s different.”

Watch “Muse” below.