Kendrick Lamar

During the blackest history month ever, Kendrick Lamar performs “The Blacker The Berry” & “Alright” at the 2016 Grammy Awards. His set starts in chains, shackled to his backup dancers on the Grammy stage designed to resemble a prison, shedding light on the mass incarceration epidemic that has plagued Black America for the better part of a century. The chains then fall away, and give attention to the neon-colored dancers doing traditional African dances, almost bringing to mind Busta Rhymes‘ classic “Hands Where My Eyes Can See” music video.

According to Complex, so far, there has been no official response on why Kendrick changed the lyrics of the Grammy-winning song “Alright” to eliminate the “po-po” line. Instead, he rapped “I’m at the preacher’s door/Wanna kill us dead at the preacher’s door/We said give em so mo’, this one time/Do it for the show/But we gon’ be alright.” It’s important to note that the same line was a subject of controversy following Lamar‘s performance at the BET Awards.

On the same note, Kendrick Lamar also invited a group of New Jersey youngsters on a field trip to the Grammy Awards with him. See both the performance and class lecture below.


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