During the most LIT SXSW music festival to date, Kehlani hosted a dope interview with 2 Chainz.

The two tatted musicians discussed their love of ink, how to finesse a finished album, as well as their favorite strains of weed. Both Kehlani and 2 Chainz are cool, relaxed and breeze through their conversation as friends. The blunt hate from 2 Chainz (a lover of RAW Paper-rolled Kush) is a seemingly recurring thing in the rap game, as he side eyes the Girl Scout Cookies-smoking Kehlani for being a fan of Backwoods.

It was also cool for Kehlani to open up about how she feels a bunch of pressure to make a good impression on the music industry with her debut album. “Now I’m at that album point. So, it’s like the pressure, plus the anxiety,” she says to 2 Chainz. When asked how does he know when his own albums are complete, 2 Chainz says, “When you have too many tracks [to choose from].” Noticing her nervousness about putting out a good project, he encourages Kehlani by saying “You do the same thing you did when you put the mixtape together,” which just so happened to be nominated for a Grammy this year.

We really don’t think Kehlani has anything to worry about concerning her debut studio album, and neither does 2 Chainz. Even though the two don’t see eye to eye on blunts vs. papers, they’re definitely in sync when it comes to their music.

Watch Kehlani‘s “Faded Fort” interview below.