In honor of the Tonight Show‘s week in Los Angeles, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots parody “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” opening theme song with a Fallon-themed remix!

These details are crazy on point! From the first shot, Fallon captures every last element of the “Fresh Prince” opening title sequence from recreating the iconic spinning throne and “Bel-Air” scepter combo, to the head whirl at the end of the credits. Fans with sharp eyes will notice the NYC & Tonight Show themes on the graffiti wall behind Will Jimmy, and in the scene with his “mother”, complete with shoutouts to The Roots and the Rockefeller Center studio.

The Roots band doubles as the infamous playground bullies that were responsible for sending the Tonight Show packing to the West Coast. A “Fresh Prince” tribute isn’t complete without including a few of the most memorable characters, and Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff make impressive cameos in the video. It’s hard to tell if DJ Jazzy Jeff is actually channeling the “weird” cab driver, or his old character “Jazz” with that loud button-down.

Check out “The Fresh Host of Tonight” below!


This only makes me want Jimmy Fallon to do more theme show recreations. Imagine him opening the show with a “Brady Bunch” theme or even one like “What’s Happenin’!!” I think the world is ready for Quest?Love in suspenders.