About 10 seconds into watching Ed Sheeran cover Fetty Wap’s nationwide “Trap Queen” hit, I was on the floor rolling with laughter! Everyone’s favorite singing ginger selects Fetty Wap’s breakout hit “Trap Queen” and adds his guitar twist to it for a late night performance on The Tonight Show accompanied by The Roots.

Ed Sheeran‘s “proper” British accent actually helps to clear up some of the lyrics that were originally inaudible, and the addition of his acoustic guitar almost puts an uplifting mood on the hood favorite. Sheeran‘s music has a way of seeping into your brain and making you feel anything he’s saying, much like his “CoCo” remix. While listening to this, I started to feel inspired and encouraged to promote awareness of the Trap Queen lifestyle, and to become one myself. For his next cover, I need him to stay away from anything trap related, because I might not be able to control myself next time.

Watch Ed Sheeran & The Roots‘ “Trap Queen” remix below!