TDE‘s Ab-Soul has been living with his Steven Johnson Syndrome for most of his life. In a new interview with GoodFellaMedia, Ab talks about how his conditioning is worsening, and that Diddy gave him some much needed medical advice. “My cornea is more scarred now than when I talked to you last time,” Ab-Soul admitted to interviewer Justin D. Live. “I was talking to Puffy or ‘Dr. Sean Combs’, and he really suggests that I go ahead and try to get a cornea transplant. I’m just a little eerie about that because what if they mess up. I just look at it on a brighter side of things. You can’t have it all. I have vivid memory of having 20/20 vision as a child. Vivid memory. Even a couple of my shroom psychedelic trips I’ve been able to see in HD. I’m not completely blind. So the analogy is like, your cornea is your windshield. So if your windshield is cracked, you get bad glare from the sun sometimes. That’s why you wanna get that fixed.”