This video contains graphic depictions of suicide that may not be appropriate for everyone.

Almost everyone has found themselves depressed at a point or two. Maybe in the midst of the depression you thought about doing something drastic—something life-changing—something that might make you happy. That could be nice, but it’s scary to actually take the leap and do it. Well, what if there was a service that took care of all the hard stuff for you?

That’s exactly what happens when Victor, a depressed retail worker played by Chance the Rapper, signs up for a DIY suicide website called The morbid website lets users choose how and when they die, and just when life seems to be looking up for Victor, he realizes he may have made a huge mistake.

Check out the video below presented by VICE, as well as words from director Collin Tilley on how the film came to life.


“I met Chance on a video that I was directing for Justin Bieber. We were shooting Chance’s part and we got to hang out all day and got into some really cool conversations. Chance is like one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met and right away I was like, This dude is really special. We talked about film and he was telling me how he wanted to get more involved in it.

Crazily enough, he had a lot of the same taste in weird movies as I do. A couple days later I get pitched this idea for Mr. Happy. After getting together with my friends who wrote it — Steve Mcclean and David Singer-Vine — I sent it to Chance, he loved it. After trying to find a consecutive five days in his whirlwind of a schedule we figured it out and shot the movie.”