Beyoncé has been quiet as of late, and we should have known she had grand plans the entire time. Just one day before performing at the Super Bowl (for the second time in three years,) the Queen came through and flipped the internet on its proverbial head with the release of her new song and video, “Formation.”

The song is produced by Mike WiLL Made It, and co-written by Bey and one half of the Rae Sremmurd duo, Swae Lee.

Back to Bey, though. It was reported last week that she’d cleaned house on her team, firing her general manager, Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, after a 10-year partnership, as well as other members – including her cousin. Former JP Morgan Chase exec, Steve Pamon, will now manage her.

“She has one album left to deliver before her deal is up with Columbia, plus she wants to make smarter decisions where it comes to touring, sponsorships, and acting roles,” a source told PageSix about the decision.

As far as “Formation” goes, Beyoncé pays homage to her New Orleans roots with showing post-Katrina images, featuring voiceovers from both the late Messy Mya and Big Freedia and most importantly, taking place in New Orleans. Our baby Blue even makes a cameo, in formation of her own. And the Black Lives Matter messages throughout make this truly one of the most important and influential videos in some time. Oh, Beyoncé! You continue to SLAY!

Not slaying in this situation, though? Red Lobster and Cuervo – two brands that Beyoncé has inevitably spiked sales for in the last 24 hours – barely capitalized off of the name-drops. Red Lobster took over 8 hours to get out one measly tweet, while Cuervo hasn’t even touched their Twitter page since January 22. When will companies learn that social media is no longer a 9-5 job? It’s 2016, guys.

Oh, and as per usual, people have tried to accuse Beyoncé of stealing something for this video (as they always do,) and this time it’s the clips of That B.E.A.T., a New Orleans documentary that was featured in between Bey‘s scenes. Though the doc’s directors tried to call out Beyoncé and “Formation” director Melina Matsouaks for using the clips without their permission, it turns out the clips were fully licensed – and not from them, because they never owned the rights to begin with. They were HIRED by Nokia in partnership with Sundance a few years back to shoot it, SMH. It’s all been fixed either way, however.

Now get into the video below and prepare to watch Bey slay again at the Super Bowl in a few hours! You can check out Ebro and Rae Sremmurd‘s latest exchange here.

via: LifeIsTremendez