Waka Flocka had a bit of turn up over the weekend. 4/20 may be tomorrow, but who says you can’t celebrate a little early?

Waka was in Seattle last week for performance at Dope Cup, an annual event featuring live performances, a showcase of medical and recreational marijuana, and more. A photo was uploaded to Instagram of Waka being hauled into an ambulance after smoking at least 20 blunts and consuming several edibles.

While it’s not possible to overdose on weed meant for smoking, it is still a drug worthy of respect in regards to edible quantities consumed. Due to the delayed high, too much edible ganja can make you throw up, get a really bad headache/stomach ache, or if you’re lucky you’ll just pass out and wake up hungry and thirsty, with a slight woozy feeling. Seriously though, he should know better.

“Aw man. #seattle was too much last night. #nonGMO edibles and 20 or more blunts later,” Waka wrote in a caption to his photo. Although Waka was treated by EMTs, Vlad TV reports that a rep for Waka revealed that he was not hospitalized. Last month, Waka Flocka revealed his plans to launch a line of vegan granola bar edibles. Just take it easy from now on, Waka!

Check out the photo for yourself below.