Virgin Galactic, the first ever commercial space line, has collaborated with fashion brand Y-3 to design their signature spacesuits.

The Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto, in partnership with Adidas is best known for futuristic sportswear with function. This being said, the two companies seem to be a match made in heaven, or should we say space.

The project was led by Virgin Galactic’s Design Head, Adam Wells and Y-3’s Senior Director of Design, Lawrence Midwood. They ditched the signature Virgin red, white and purple for a more sleek understated color scheme. The suits are all black with zippers on the torso and legs, and are built to fully support the pilots of the SpaceShipTwo’s natural seating position.

The Y-3 Pilot Boot continues the all black scheme with the exception of the Virgin Galactic’s blue iris logo, located at the top of the tongue. They are made of fire resistant Nomex material, use lugs to give pilots grip when walking around the cabin, and feature the Adidas AdiPRENE cushioned insoles.

It is unknown if these suits are exclusive for pilots or will be worn by passengers as well. One thing is clear, that Virgin Galactic is blasting off in style.

For a sneak peek of the suits watch the video below.