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At this year’s Taste of Soul 12th Annual Festival, songwriter/singer MAJOR. serenaded a young girl during a heartfelt rendition of his new single, “Honest.” The genuine spur of the moment act left her and hundreds around her, in tears. MAJOR.‘s performance promoted the importance of self-care, encouraging young girl of color to embrace their inner beauty — shedding light on the meaning of being “Honest.”

Iconic Academy Award winner, Viola Davis, and Television Host Tika Sumpter took to Twitter and Instagram to express their gratitude towards MAJOR.

“Absolutely love this! Thank you @nowthatsmajor!!”Viola Davis

“Do you understand the shift you just created!!? My queens if no one has told you today, I am telling you, YOU ARE WORTHY, BEAUTIFUL and SMART!!!!
#thatsmajor #RP @amirahvannofficial”
Tika Sumpter

Watch “HONEST” here.


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