As we promised, AWFM (A Weirdo From Memphis) has decided to most graciously share the premiere of his latest music video with us at DTSMedia, and we couldn’t be more thankful! The single “ANIMALS” talks about the instinctual savagery that exists in humans, which could serve to help or harm, depending on how it’s implemented. Animals themselves are not rational, and yet, we as humans should be when considering our actions, but are often not. The single is produced by London Yellow, and visuals come from our homie, Gaijin! Remember where you heard it first!

Check out a small bio written by AWFM himself, and download the accompanying mixtape What Is Life? below. You’re gonna fxck with it from the first track, we promise.


“I’m a rapper born and raised in Memphis that’s been riding his own wave his whole life. I once shxtted myself in kindergarten and that pretty much set the tone for the next 20 years of being an awkward outcast figuring life out and slowly caring less and less about what people think of me. These days I do what I do what I want and have a ball doing that without remorse and it definitely shows in my music. I feel like that mentality is best to make a mark in the rap game that’s all my own and to make it ok for other Memphis kids to embrace being different and not get laughed at as much as I did for it.”