Tyler doesn’t hold back (when does he ever?) as he rips into the purpose of the Youtube Music Awards. I can’t even say he was wrong. As many talented singers, dancers/choreographers, and rappers as there are on Youtube, why do we keep seeing the same acts??? I’m tired of Justin Bieber & Macklemore! And I love Katy Perry and P!nk, but if I see one more twirl from the ceiling act, or hear “Roar” one more time, I’m gonna spazz. Support the arts, Youtube. After school programs to even learn music are getting cut like crazy. I believe that if you have a platform, you should use it to promote good music, and put people on to new things. What better place to do that What website do people come to more for music than Youtube?? No, really, check it out. Tyler spit some truth, and I’m not mad at all.