Shout Out (DJ Booth)

A few short weeks ago, information surfaced from a popular DJ equipment sales site regarding a brand new Traktor X1 controller that was set to be released by NI the end of this summer. The rumors are now confirmed as the new Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2 has officially been announced by Native Instruments on Monday.

As we reported in the Leak Story, the new Traktor Kontrol X1 will work seamlessly with the new and enhanced features of the Traktor Pro software and provide new ways to control the mix via the new :centrally-located” touch-strip that allows DJ’s to either manipulate effects/loops or nudge the track for beatmatching. The Touch-Strip can “sense” two fingers at a time meaning DJ’s can nudge or drag two tracks at a time (left portion of the touchstrip for Deck A and right portion of the touch-strip for Deck B), or the user can place both fingers on the touchstrip for some extreme effect manipulation.

In addition to this new touch-strip innovation, the new X1 sports a few new features such as a loop count display, loop knobs, RGB backlit hotcue buttons, and Flux Mode. With the new X1 updates, it makes things easier for a person looking to control most of the playback functions within Traktor on a small and very portable device.

The new X1 will use all of the same stands and cases as the original and works as a great companion for the new Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer in Traktor Pro. On a side note, the new Traktor Kontrol X1 does not (and will not) work with the Traktor DJ App for iOS devices as many thought it would. Instead, the new X1 is aimed purely at DJ’s who are using the full Traktor software on their computers either with a DVS solution or as a compact standalone controller for Traktor. The new Traktor Kontrol X1 will come in at $200 retail and it will be available very soon…

Stay tuned to this space for the full HD-Video and written review treatment coming soon…Check out the full NI press release below for more information on the Traktor Kontrol X1 MK2.