Designer Tom Ford has a huge problem on his hands. After unveiling his “penis pendant necklace” at his Spring/Summer 2015 show at London‘s fashion week this past summer, a few heads at The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights have a bone to pick with Ford in regards to his brash new jewelry piece.

Ford, who’s normally a stand-up guy, is having a hard time explaining his side of the story to critics. Many Twitter users voiced their opinion calling Ford‘s piece “sacrilegious” and that he should “rot in hell”.

“When we learned of this item, I said to the staff that I bet this guy Tom Ford is a homosexual,” Bill Donahue, the Catholic League‘s president and CEO, is quoted as saying to the Huffington Post. To be fair, Ford actually is gay, but who cares. “A designer gets a little too cute with my religion at Christmastime, and uses sexual imagery to make a quick buck off of it,” the stiff Donahue continued.

The necklace comes in a variety of sizes that are sure to please any receiver who opens the package. Esquire reports that although Tom Ford is known for his cheeky behavior, his design might actually be an allusion to the phallic fascinus charms worn by the ancient Romans, which you can see in the gallery below. The pendant carries a very well-endowed price of $790, but has since been removed from the Tom Ford website.

Do you think Tom Ford‘s phallus-inspired pendant crosses the line?


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