Remember Tiffany & Co’s fabulous collection Atlas ? The collection that displays Tiffany’s standards of quality and craftsmanship matched by the company’s tradition in introducing designs capable of capturing the mood of contemporary fashion and define American luxury. The Atlas collection was introduced in 1995  named for the mythic Greek god ‘Atlas’ who holds aloft an enormous globe—an apt symbol for a collection that makes an impact around the world. Created by John Loring, Tiffany’s design director,  the Atlas® collection explores the raised Roman numerals of its archetype, an the design’s signature Roman numerals are the ageless artifacts of a great civilization and its elevated concept of time. Now, during the 2013 New York Fashion Week, Tiffany’s will unveil its newly updated Atlas collection with the assistance of Karen Elson and a group of fashion bloggers. Tiffany’s plan to begin blacking out the windows of its Fifth Avenue flagship on September 6, 2013, and by the 10th once all windows are uncovered Elson is set to join Aimee Song, Jessica Stein, and Chiara Ferrangi, other fashion bloggers, to share style tips featuring the Atlas collection. The collection retails between $200 and $10,000.