Between Beyonce’s new haircut and Hov’s peace treaty with Damon Dash, the Carters has social media buzzing last night.

The power couple has an amazing power on the entire world, and it is pretty hard to deny it. Lastnight was enough proof to make this statement true. Within  seconds of Beyonce’s reveal to the world, trending topics had her name written all over it. Not everyone were pleased with Beyonce’s big chop, but they were still talking about it. Timelines were flooded with jokes, comparisons to Rihanna, and much more dissatisfaction.To Beyonce, she looked as if she admired the hair-cut, and looked pretty satisfied, as she stared off into the mirror and gave us a full view of her hair.


If you follow Beyonce, you know that it is extremely hard to get a caption out of her, so the mystery still stands rather or not she’s satisfied and comfortable with her new do. We’re so used to the blonde hair goddess, with curls or straight hair blowing in the wind so effortlessly as she performs, this cut will take a lot of getting used to. Needless to say, she has started another trend.


As for Mr. Carter himself, an epic moment in Hip-Hop happened right in front of the eyes and at the fingers of any Instagram user. Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon Dash and Jay-Z, has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks, as they discussed their friendship, and no sign of anger or animosity was ever sensed.

Last night, showed us just what we’ve speculated. The two former best-friends were spotted at a mutual friends party, and the moment where they were chatting and engaging in good conversation was captured, and Hip-Hip lovers, loved every bit of it.

Pictures speak 1000 words, while some IG users saw a peace treaty, others chimed in and added that, it looks as if Dash over extended himself, while Jay Z stood with his hands folded and just smiled. We don’t know what happened after the flash, but we can conclude that, they are able to be in the same setting with no problem, and even take pictures with mutual friends.


This can very well be the beginning of a rekindled friendship, we’ll know sooner than later, stay tuned.