“This is my year bruh, I’m telling you homie my music going to take flight this year.” Dealing with Indie artists I have heard that phrase time and time again, but no action is put forth behind it. To my hungry Indie artists I need you to stop… read…and take notes. I’m going to present you with 5 helpful tips to help you be musically productive.


BRANDING: What do you stand for? As an artist you must know who you are and be able to identify your own sound. When it comes to social media; Twitter, Instagram, ect it is wise to use the same name; that way its easier to find you. Keep an updated biography, have your own professional website, and please take professional photos of yourself. Professional looking photos will make you stand out from the rest. I promise you having a professional, sleek appearance will make you more approachable.

CREATE HIT SINGLES, FORGET A MIXTAPE: Riddle me this, if you’re an upcoming Indie artist, why in the world are you releasing mixtapes that no one and I mean no one will check for??? As an Indie artist first priority should be building an audience you know gaining a fan base and creating new relations. This is what you do; Release a hit single along with a visual for it, promote it through popular blogs, social media ect. I promise you it will have more impact than a mixtape. No one wants to search through 10-15 tracks from an artist they haven’t even heard of before. However a single is different, especially if the single was referenced by someone. When people start to get a hold of your single it is then that they will look forward to more of your music. Bottom line No Mixtapes!!!! Until the people are asking for it.

MAKE A DEMO: This is a follow up to the previous section surrounding mixtapes. A professional demo with 3-5 hit singles on it is an awesome way to promote you and build an audience. A demo will help you when you’re getting booked for opportunities.

PLEASE NETWORK: An Indie artist should have no problem networking with other in their field. I’m talking about interacting with DJ’s, other artists, managers, venue owners, producers, and promoters. You want your music heard right? Let’s get to networking then!

IS YOUR PAPERWORK IN TACT?? If you are serious about pursuing your music as a career versus a hobby, please get your paperwork intact. It is essential to have your music registered with a PRO “Performing Rights Organization”. ASCAP and BMI are a great way to get started. Also if you are expecting your music to gain radio play you have to register for BDS. If you’re reading this article and are confused and have no idea what an ASCAP, BMI, or BDS mean; you will have to stay tuned in for my next article The Indie In Me: “Music Royalties & Copyrights”