Is this a serious matter here or do I smell a gimmick for tv ratings?? According to TMZ, the LA native Game is under investigation for allegedly breaking his fiance’ Tiffany’s nose, and injuring her eye socket. These are felony charges people. The Game had this to say;  “I don’t want to give fuel to these false accusations, but the truth will definitely come out. I’m always looking out for my children’s safety and have never laid a hand on Tiffany. All I want is a chance to move on with my life & be allowed to be the father to my children I have been since their births. Judge me as you may, but do know.. my heart & my intentions are pure.” 

Below is a picture Game somehow posted up on his Instagram during the time of his arrest. He put these words as the caption of this picture. “Me & @moneygangworldwide might be headed downtown to the twin towers… Only thing bout going to jail as a rich nigga is that… We bail out before we take mugshots #FuckThePolice #BloodMoney#LaFamilia.”