3C7DEAA100000578-4155662-image-m-9_1485346897409On January 25, 2017, phone screens blared to life with the news. It was around five AM that the email blast had appeared. Alexandra Shulman, Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue was stepping down.

This comes only one month after Vogue lost another of their favorite editors, Franca Sozzani, who passed away last month in December. Is Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, next? One would hope not. Some would speculate that she’s set to return to British Vogue as Editor-in-Chief, seeing as how she started there first. Some would be wrong. Everyone knows that American Vogue belongs to Anna just as much as British Vogue belongs to Alexandra Shulman.

Shulman began her tenure as editor of Vogue in January of 1992. Previously working at GQ (The British version, obviously), Tattler, and The Sunday Times. In 1990 she became editor of British GQ and just two years later made the move to Vogue.

Controversy surrounded the appointment, some believing that Shulman didn’t have the right experience or credentials for the role, stating she wasn’t the ideal “Vogue” girl. Twenty-five years later, Shulman would prove them all wrong. She brought a fresh new voice to British Vogue and pulled it into the digital century. Speaking of centuries, Vogue just celebrated its centennial year last year, with a surprise guest gracing the cover — none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Catherine (aka Kate Middleton), wife to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. You can find out all about that on Inside British Vogue, a documentary I’ve watched about five times on Netflix.

While the appointment of Shulman was debatable to some, Condé Nast clearly knew something the rest of the world didn’t. During Shulman‘s reign, the publication has seen a surplus of subscribers to British Vogue and an introduction into the digital world. Shulman is known as “the” voice of fashion when it comes to the UK industry. She also isn’t shy about using her voice to combat social issues and to tell the fashion industry, as well as others not too stylish, when to buck up and act right.

Regardless of how you felt about Alexandra Shulman, one thing can’t be denied, she’s genius. She took British Vogue and raised it. More than twenty-five years of her life she dedicated to the glossy mag. Shulman is set to leave the magazine in June. Whatever may be next for Shulman, we here at DTS wish her the best. I for one can’t wait to see what becomes of the publication without Shulman at its helm.

|| Donte H.