originally written by Tyler King, about a personal friend of mine, Lewis Allen.


If you haven’t noticed this yet, perhaps this editorial will help open your eyes a little. Over the past few years, music as an art form has continually broken down the barriers that were previously in place. When you listen to music now, it is becoming easy to see how these genre walls are steadily deteriorating. Sure we still see trends and creative waves that come an go, but those genres; Hip-Hop, Country, Rock & Roll, Pop, are disappearing. A project might have its roots in one area, but the sound is something of its own now. As time progresses, we see creatives adopting this approach today, especially in the next generation of music. We are literally witnessing/listening to history change around us.

A notable creative who is adopting this approach heavily is South Jersey native Lewis Allen, blending many genres to create a sound that is only descriptive of himself.

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To start off, who is Lewis Allen? Where does he come from, what is he?

Lewis is just another musician who uses music to express and articulate what is on his mind. Whatever I’m feeling goes straight into my music. I create for those who might not necessarily be able to articulate what they are feeling.

My real name is Stephen Lewis Allen III, so that’s where “Lewis Allen” actually comes from, it’s my real middle name. I’m from South Jersey, so there are lots of woods. My father is from Pennsylvania so it’s the same story there. Essentially, my whole life I’ve been surrounded by, like, woods and trees. It’s not the city, but also not the country; it’s kind of both. So growing up, I’ve gotten to experience both sides.

How would you describe your sound? What is it?

Well, essentially at the core, it IS hip-hop. (When) listening, you aren’t going to hear that though because it has evolved to such a new level at this point. There are so many genres mixed together, but listening, you can definitely still catch that hip-hop vibe from it because that’s where it started. Recently, I’ve been listening to more blues and electronic music, so I’m challenging my own music by trying to incorporate those sounds into one. I WANT to challenge the listener with my music. At this point my music is its own genre. My music is all over the place, and that’s not a derogatory thing. By that, I mean It’s just expression. Now, more artists are moving to that approach. That is starting to get rid of genres. Soon it’ll just be a bunch of artists that can only be separated by color. The whole thing is different in 2015. My music, I guess, could be described as alternate or dark. I just try my best to express what I see visually.

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You have a short film coming out soon titled “Inferno”. You want to talk about that at all? There aren’t many details out about it yet; so what’s the story with it?

Yeah, I haven’t talked about it at all, except for one quick snapshot I posted on Instagram. There’s a song on Daggerwolf called “Burning In The Woods”. That’s what it was inspired from. I got in touch with a director on Instagram and I honestly have no clue how it came together. It was like a triangle of events between myself and these other three directors — we were all commenting on a (Instagram) post and then one ended up in my DMs, I think I was drunk honestly. *laughs* But it was this odd chain of events that birthed the idea for this short film. I had watched his short called Cowboy, and I hated the story, but I absolutely loved the visuals. I’ve always wanted to find a way for film; I hate videos now. Youp Wehnes originally reached out to me about designs and stuff, but I was like “Fuck that”, let’s make a film. After that we just started hiring and casting.

The premise for the film is that the main character is sexually aroused by destruction and fire. I wanted a female for the part because it was easier to connect to and get into, where as (Youp) originally wanted a guy and I was like “Fuck that”, that’s too awkward.

What is your creative process like? Where/how do you start? And how does that work?

I start everywhere. I drive a lot, and when I drive, I sing. *laughs* I mean we all do, but I just sing and it starts as just some dumb shit, but eventually over time that turns into something good. I started creating my own beats a little over a year ago. I just got tired of others so I started doing it myself. I mean, sometimes it’s the words first, other times it’s the beat first. One of the biggest things now is that I stopped writing like a year ago as well. So now my music is straight from myself, including all the fuck-ups.

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