Bakery Boys - Location (Prod. By EARDRUM)

I’m actually pretty upset it took me this long to find out about this song right here. This song “Location” from The Bakery Boys is a certified Philly classic already. No matter what part of Philly you’re from (s/o West Philly) you’re gonna feel this track. It makes me feel so hood, and I owe it to Eardrum who went INNNNN on the production! (I need a clean version of this track, so I can give it rotations at my skating rink, so if anybody in the crew can help me out, that’d be dope.) I also heard that The Bakery Boys were at UglyBass this year, and that makes me upset because a photo with them would have been great. Something tells me we’ll all cross paths again. For now, check out the new single, and peep Ace Bangazs track for old time’s sake.