It’s not a new situation. The whole let-me-pick-on-you-because-you’re-different-than-me mentality that teenagers in high school believe to be true. In the rap world, the same situation can be translated to critics misunderstanding and artist’s music.

In Tech N9ne’s video for “Fragile,” featuring the vocals of ¡MAYDAY!, Kendall Morgan and a verse from Kendrick Lamar, the story of a teenage violinist is brought to life through the personal statements provided in the track. “Critics are really the enemy and I
can’t stand the way they slam today’s gifted,” spits Tech as the video’s main character gets bullied in school. The teen loses all hope after his peers take away the essential part of his craft, the violin. Simultaneously, Kendrick shares his passion for his rhymes saying “puttin’ my heart and my soul in these lines,” and reminding critics that “this is more than you.” Quick spoiler alert: the video has a happy ending.

Speaking of K. Dot and Tech, did you know that Kendrick first met Dr. Dre while on tour with Tech N9ne? He toured with Jay Rock (as a hype man) on Tech’s tour and met Dr. Dre during one of the shows. You can read more about here.

“Fragile” is one of the 26 tracks that is found on Tech N9ne’s latest album, Something Else, currently available on iTunes.