Had to take you back in time real quick, and it’s only right that for this #TBT, we take you to Jersey! Well…Solo Da Cannon is actually from Philly, but we’ll let him slide. This song, called “I Got It” was released back in 2012, and is produced by Jahlil Beats. The video was shot in Willingboro, NJ (me & Mike’s hometown) at Garfield East Elementary School & features cameos from the homies Neffie, and Anastasia of Vintage Extinction. This is no doubt the school that was heavily referenced in many tracks on Mike’s EOTB mixtape. Shad Dolla, who we introduced you to not too long ago comes in for the last verse. Make sure you take a listen to his newly released project Destined For Greatness right here. The song came off the Hot Commodity mixtape, which is a collab tape featuring all three rappers. Unfortunately the tape is no longer available for download on the innanetz, but that’s too bad, because you should have been on it 2 years ago!