Everywhere I go, I always meet dope people from the DMV, and this time was no different. I had the pleasure of meeting Taz at Mike Zombie’s mixtape release party this month, and I really wanted a copy of this tape!!! Lol unfortunately, she only had a copy that was reserved for someone else, so I had to do my own digging! S/o to Ivy the producer whom I also had the pleasure of meeting; she has a banger on the tape called “Poison Ivy”. I found myself relating a lot to the tape, and I hope it makes an impact on you as well. I’ve only known the girl for 24 hours (if that!), but Taz definitely put her soul into this project, and I can’t wait to hear more. Check out her blog & Youtube channel at TazmaniaShow.com OH!!! And definitely make sure you check out ANCEZTAZ Clothing!!!! She had on the “Italian Cheetah” shirt when I met her, and I will definitely be copping something off the line soon. My favorite track on the tape? “Young God”…..I’m officially getting dressed to that from now on. That is THEE BANGER!!!!!!!!