Well here we have it folks, right from the horse’s mouth. Tip & Jeezy will be working on their joint album. Kickin’ at the 2014 Powerhouse in New York, both T.I. and Jeezy spoke to MTV News about their plans. Now that these two have released their own, successful projects “Seen It All” & “PaperWork” it makes sense to now join forces. 

“We’ve been talking about it for years, but we finally putting the execution part of it in the works. Usually, when we talking about it, either he’s working on finishing his album or I’m working on finishing mine. This is like one of the first times that we both putting our albums out around the same time. I’m done with my process, he’s done with his process, now we can collectively come together and do something together.

We already have probably about six, seven records. It don’t take us long to put it together. It’s just a matter of actually finding the time to promote it, market it, and actually get it done.” ~T.I.

Keep your eyes and your ears open. That’s my brother from another right there. We stay in our bag, so, you know, I would just stay focused if I was you.

It’s like we brothers, man. We just vibe. We go in there, have a good time, we make good music. It’s nothing that’s rehearsed or nothing that’s thought about; it’s organic.” ~Jeezy 


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