SXSW has released an official statement regarding last night’s horrific incident in which a driver attempting to elude police plowed through a crowd of people killing two and hospitalizing 20-some others, according to the release, however the show will go on.

“Our Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the tragic accident that took place last night here in Austin,” it begins before clarifying, “We will be making schedule and venue changes for programming in the surrounding area of last night’s events. All other programming will continue as previously scheduled.” In the wake of the announcement, Stereogum’s originally scheduled day party at the Mohawk, located alongside where the tragedy took place has been cancelled.

Further clarifications around the incident have emerged as well, validating early reports that police were pursuing the suspect after the driver sped off when members of the department sought to pull the man over initially. Eight remain hospitalized today while the two deceased have been revealed as an Austin woman riding her moped at the time of the incident, and a separate male cyclist traveling from the Netherlands.

The driver remains in custody today, with Austin City Police revealing he will be charged with two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle, after speeding into oncoming traffic down 9th, a one way street, and blowing through a barricade blocking Red River Street, where the man struck the pedestrians, multiple vehicles, and attempted to flee on foot before being tased by officers when he resisted arrest.

Managing Director of SXSW, Roland Swenson released a statement of his own, which echoed that of the festival saying, “Despite all of our preparations for dealing with a major incident during SXSW, nothing could really prepare us for how this feels. As much as we would like to just go home and spend time absorbing the shock of this horrific event, we feel our best use is to continue to operate today.”

Returning to downtown today, the vibe is noticeably off. Police presence has been visibly stepped up, and bands are already playing. It’s difficult to know just how to proceed following such a happening, and the remaining days will no doubt be filtered through the shadow of such a tragedy. Our hearts remain with the victims and their families.