DSCF2297Every outfit should have a pair of shoes to match. Sometimes one pair of shoes go with more than one outfit. It took me awhile to learn how to dress myself. And even longer to find my own brand of style. So here is an important lesson that I learned the hard way (by spending more money than I should). No matter your style, or the brand of clothing you like to wear. Your entire wardrobe should be focused on your shoes. Never by an outfit if you don’t have the shoes to wear with it, unless you’re ball’in and can afford to buy a new pair of kicks with every outfit you buy. I myself dress more, business chic, or business casual. I just about always have a vest and blazer. A button up shirt with pants to match. Everything is always fitted (tailoring isn’t as expensive as it sounds, I got two blazer’s tailored for $50 total). I found that “off-price” department stores like Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx (Sister companies) both owned by The TJX Companies are go-to stores. I also found that online deal shopping worked best. The only shoes I’ve owned in the past 5 years have come from Aldo Shoes or the Aldo’s owned Call It Spring store. Prices can be high at Aldo’s but there is always a sell or deal either in the store or online. the shoes above were $175, but I got them for $75. The only shoes I’ve bought from the actual Aldo store. Most come from the deals on their website, which are much better. Shoes are always the most expensive part of my outfit. And they are always the first thing to get noticed. High quality statement pieces as I like to call them. I recently went on a small shopping trip with a friend and I introduced her to Call It Spring (Aldo markets this store as a store for the younger generation) both stores have shoes of the same design, one simply uses higher quality material to make their shoes. My friend found two great pairs of shoes and she only spent $75 for the both of them. As opposed to spending $75 for one, I guess. Either way it doesn’t matter. because without the right type of shoes, no matter how great your outfit might be. It’ll end up on the worst dressed list if you don’t have the right type of shoes to bring it all together. I took the liberty of snapping a few pics of both stores. Check them out in the gallery below.

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