A special new release from Philly‘s B.A.K.E.D. Recordings label, with #BakeTheInternet. The full roster of artists over at #BakedLife present to you this compilation project, which features tracks from none other than The Bakery Boys collective, a few solo tracks from each of The Boys, and even Mick Raw stops by for a track (who’s Mick Raw?). Production credits include Mark Ryan, Eardrum, Davey Denairo, Weswalker and others.

What we love about the project is that it gives us a chance to really hear from every member of The Bakery Boys clique, as well as some much-needed new music from some of our favorites. Although there’s the classic boom-bap hip hop beats that we know them for, the tape also plays around with new sounds that we’ve always wanted to hear from the crew, at times giving off ¬†experimental trap/neo-Three 6 Mafia vibes that we can definitely get with. This project definitely surprised us, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for The Boys.

Enjoy #BakeTheInternet below & download here!