It certainly does get wild on the upcoming episode of Wild ‘N Out! Everyone knows you can’t take Stevie J and Joseline anywhere, and this time just proves that fact.

While filming an episode of the show this week, Stevie J got a little personal during the rap battle when he claimed to have gotten a taste of Mariah‘s honey…a little more than once. According to TMZ, at one point Stevie J said he banged Nick‘s ex-wife Mariah Carey not once, but twice.

Jokes on the show about ex-girlfriend Christina Milian are one thing, but when it comes to talking about the mother of his kids, that’s where you cross the line. Sources say the two almost came to blows when Nick suggested that maybe Steebie should worry about his (ex?)-girlfriend sneaking around Hollywood with Rick Ross instead.

Now, Nick Cannon isn’t exactly as thugged-out as his title character from his latest movie Chi-raq, but he wasn’t about to let someone slander his ex-wife in that way. The tension got so heated between the two during filming, that it looked like they were about to come to blows, so producers stepped in, separated them and calmed them down.

We know Nick has a lot of money, power, respect, AND connections. We’d hate to see him lose out on anything business-related because of a little riff with Stevie J. TMZ says he calmed himself down while on set, and Nick threatened the old Hollywood adage, “You’ll never work in this town again.”

Check out a picture from the set. Does it seem like everyone just needs to “woo-sah?” Also, both Mariah and Stevie J were at the peak of their careers in the 90s, and well… it doesn’t look like they were strangers. See the pictures for yourself in the gallery below.