Stalley’s career to date has largely revolved around his home state. Ohio isn’t known for hip hop culture, but Stalley’s Chevy-worshipping rhymes over unique beats and nontraditional flows has cultivated an impressive amount of success; in a relatively short period of time.

On 7-28-17, Stalley will release his new studio album, New Wave, which will be released in conjunction with Real Talk Entertainment. New Wave is a continuation of Stalley’s “Intelligent Trunk Music” theme; while also displaying his growth as an artist. With incredi­ble lyricism and bars for days, New Wave, is an instant classic that is a mandatory addition hip hop fans catalog.

Today, Stalley releases the first single, “Madden 96,” from New Wave, which is also now available for pre-order.


Pre-order available here.

Tracklisting for Stalley’s New Wave:

1.) “Straight To You”

2.) “Absence”

3.) “New Wave”

4.) “Madden 96”

5.) “Kevin Hart”

6.) “My Purpose”

7.) “Let’s talk About It”

8.) “Soul Searching”

9.) “Old School Game”

10.) “Sativa Break”

11.) “Stock Tip”

12.) “Feed The Streets”

13.) “What I Like”

14.) “The Journey”