The minute Spike Lee heard Kelly Rowland’s new song “The Game,” which is one of the many songs featured on the Pepsi-curated compilation album Beats of the Beautiful Game, he knew right away where he would take it for the accompanying visual: Brazil.

His reason? Five words, “The World Cup in Brasil!,” he excitedly reveals to REVOLT.

“Pepsi has this thing called Beats of the Beautiful Game, where they assemble artists and directors

from all over the world to come together on the project for the World Cup in Brazil,” he says. “So they reached out and said ‘We got this program, we got this great Kelly Rowland song and we want you to do a short film for it. So they sent me the song, I loved it, and we went to Brazil to shoot it.”

Along with his video team, Lee headed out to Brazil and shot in the favelas of Vidigal for three days. While there, he found his star for the short film in a young boy named Luis Eduardo. Without any prior acting experience, Lee put Eduardo to the test. Judging off the four-minute visual titled Pixote’s Game, which was unveiled on Wednesday, the youngster passed with flying colors.