Solange Knowles attended this year’s annual Met Gala alongside her sister Beyonce and her husband Jay Z this year, and though they were all smiles on the red carpet – what went down in an elevator en route to the after-party paints a very different picture.

The famous trio and their bodyguards were in an elevator in the Standard Hotel in NYC, when for reasons still unknown, Solange began shouting at her brother-in-law before violently attacking him, while Beyonce remains off to the side. A bodyguard eventually intervenes, but not before Solange landed at least 3 punches and attempted a kick – though that was intercepted by Jay grabbing her foot. He did not touch her at any other point.

I’m sure the entire security staff at the Standard has already been let go for the leaked tape. We’ll keep you updated on any statements from Solange or the rest of the camp. What do you think of the incident?!