Apparently, Solange Knowles has her very own #NewRules. What started off as a yawnfest for some, ended up pretty eventful for a few Brooklynites. Early Monday, Solange hinted that she’d be having a hush-hush, secret show, sponsored by the good folk at Fader and Vitamin Water. A few lucky attendees received the exclusive invitation and discovered that Solange was performing live at the Atlantic Super Wash Laundromat in Brooklyn.

solange knowles-performs at laundromat-the jasmine brand

With a live-band backing her, the 27-year-old soulfully sang atop of a table (y’all know, those long tables where you fold your clothes on) dancing and gyrating with laundromat-goers snapping pix and footage. She sang some of her typical hits, along with Nivea’s 2002 hit, ‘Laundromat’. Check out some footage and candids of her #Uncapped show.

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 10.24.40 PM


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