Many people wouldn’t revere Snoop Dogg as a business man, but he’s been pretty smart with his money, investing in several companies and products that suit his personal lifestyle. He has his own rolling papers, a hair care line, he owns several auto body shops across California, and he even has an exclusive line of bedroom slippers.

Now, Uncle Snoop is gearing to put his cash in a new investment: Uber for weed. According to Quartz, Snoop’s Casa Verde Capital firm is one of several main investors in a new weed delivery service named “Eaze.” From pizza, to flowers, to dog groomers, almost every company has a mobile app to deliver their products to you without having to wait in line at the store (or in this case, at your dealer’s house).


It begs pointing out that Eaze does not provide the weed themselves, it only serves as a liaison to medical marijuana patients and dispensaries in California, Oregon, Washington state, and Colorado where weed has been made legal. Eaze, which promises deliveries in 15 minutes or less, has already made over 30,000 deliveries in the Bay Area. The company definitely plans to expand, given that $10 million in backing they’ve just received.

According to Eaze founder and CEO Keith McCarty, the company works with “only the best” dispensaries to highlight the top products for customers to purchase. Rather than provide an exhaustive list of available products, Eaze works to narrow things down to the flowers, edibles, and concentrates users are most likely to actually buy.

Check out a snap of the Eaze app below. If you’re looking for some “medicine,” click here.