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This week’s racism story revolves around the department store Barneys New York. According to recent reports, Barneys has falsely accused at least two people–both young and black–of stealing from the store, when in fact that was not the case at all. Maybe you’ve heard Trayon’s story earlier this week–he bought a Ferragamo belt with his hard-earned money but got stopped by security under the assumption that he made a fraudulent charge.

Due to the spotlight he shed on Barneys potential habit of racial profiling, another woman, Kayla Philips, also came forward with her story. Kayla was swarmed by undercover police after she left Barneys with her purchase of a $2,500 Celine bag. The police also accused Kayla of using a fraudulent credit card– in reality, she was just using her tax return on a splurge. (Can’t say we haven’t done the same thing.) Both Trayon and Kayla are pursuing lawsuits against Barneys.