Chicago producer Young Chop, famous for his amazing production with artists Chief Keef and Lil Reese, has finally come out and said what we’ve all been thinking when it comes to big-name artists feeding on lending a hand to upcoming artists.

In a series of video rants originally posted to Instagram, the Chiraq producer imparts wisdom to independent artists everywhere warning them not to sign themselves away to expensive contracts purely for the money. “Don’t go against me. I’m here to help y’all motherfuckers,” he said. He then explained how young artists are susceptible to signing quick deals, usually for around $10,000, because they’ve never seen money before. “Don’t take that shit. Go do you.”

Young Chop also notes that despite what Kanye West would have people believe, Yeezy is not the key-holder to the success of artists like Chief Keef and Vic Mensa. He then called out Kanye in the series of videos saying, “And that n*gga Kanye don’t make it no better, you feel me. He right along with the shits. Use you…try to soak up everything n*ggas know, get you to write songs for him, you know, and then don’t call you after that. You know, fuck–,” before the video cuts off.


I’m not saying Kanye West is a biter or unoriginal…but there’s been a lot of instances of him draining the culture when it comes to art and music. Take Unkle Luc & Sydney In Theory‘s The Wild EP and artwork for example. Why does Yeezus sound like LewisBlack Autumn 1993 album?

Maybe we’ll all get a call back someday with the answers…