Every celebrity impersonator’s goal is to meet who they’ve been parodying, and for the most part, the meetings are always in good humor between both parties. Welp, it looks like SNL actress Sasheer Zamata got her meet & greet chance a few weeks ago, when Rihanna was featured as the show’s musical guest on the May 16th season finale. Zamata has hilariously done her best Rihanna impressions since she joined the show’s cast last year, but when she spoke during a live chat at Union Hall in Brooklyn for Brunch Night with Jamie LeeLo, she revealed Rih-Rih might not have been so amused with her antics.

“We had had a good night after the dress rehearsal, and she turned around and saw me and she was like ‘Hey!’ and she gave me a hug. Then she got drunker progressively throughout the show, and at the end of good nights for the actual show, I went up to give her a hug because I was like ‘We’re good, we’re besties now. And I was like ‘Hey!’ and she was like [mimes bored wave]. So I was like ‘Ohhh, wow your true feelings are coming out!’”

Ouch. We all know Rihanna likes her drinks (and honestly, who’s to say there wasn’t a blunt nearby) so we’re hoping that she was just a little too lit after her performance, and couldn’t muster up a huge smile because she was already on chill mode.

Check out Rihanna‘s crazy dope SNL performance below.