The hypnotizing beat created by Jersey’s own Darnell Got It, came to life with the playful yet aggressive lyrics from Scarlett Nuvvo (Nuveez). “They Know” is a statement record that will seemingly be a chant of the new year for every one living their dream, overcoming the adversity of their own peers envying and “hating” on their success.

The listener is reeled in immediately with  melodic tones featuring Atlantic City’s own Cota da Streetz, a long time friend, mentor and label mate of Nuvvo. Cota is also featured on the third verse, and closes out the song strongly. Scarlett Nuvvo has birthed not only a radio ready, relatable record, but also, a street anthem. They Know” has been circulating in Philly’s exclusive Club Onyx. Here’s a few words Scarlett Nuvvo had to say about “They Know.”

 “I wanted to make it known that i was totally aware of both the love and the hate that is associated with this lifestyle, but i also wanted it to be known that both are welcome, Im living this dream by any means necessary, and this dream is invincible. In any walk of life we all experience the same shit. All the drama and negative energy will always be transferred into a positive experience for me. If they didnt know back then, now…They Know.” 

-Scarlett Nuvvo