Tight Skirt SINGLE Cover

“Tight Skirt’ is an infectious dose of island flavor, mixed with just the right amount of pop to do what Pon De Replay did for Rihanna.”
– MTV Buzzworthy

Just One Week After Its Exclusive MTV Buzzworthy Debut, Samantha J’s ‘Tight Skirt’ Video Is Currently:

#1 Most Shared Video

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#3 Favorite Video On MTV.com!

Two Of The Country’s Top Radio Stations Lead The Way

NYC’s Hot 97 & Power 105 Are First To Spin ‘Tight Skirt’

16-year old Jamaican singer-songwriter Samantha J, is a combination of youth, beauty and talent. Originally discovered by The Si Mi Yah Agency during a model and talent casting in Ocho Rios, Samantha is one of Jamaica’s most photographed and sought after models. In just the last few weeks, Samantha has erupted onto the Jamaican music scene with her still unreleased first single ‘Tight Skirt,’ her debut song that has gone from the pages of her notebook to the airwaves of Jamaica in lightning speed.

Featuring a sample from the 1990s classic dancehall track ‘Tight Up Skirt’ by Red Rat, Samantha J’s ‘Tight Skirt’ empowers young women to be confident and comfortable with being themselves. The self-love anthem blends Samantha’s innocent and melodic vocal style while merging with ease the sounds of Patois with Pop, Dancehall and Reggae music. It is her own unique blend of Island Pop that has Samantha J blazing a whole new trail from Jamaica to the world.

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